3 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade Your Website Now!

With the global economy shifting online during this COVID-19 Pandemic, more businesses are scrambling to make their shift towards the digital space. Digital marketing, social media, and web design in Sydney are experiencing a demand surge right now. And there is no better time for an entrepreneur to invest in their brand’s digital presence. With the whole country on a health lockdown, Australians are spending more time on websites. And if you haven’t prepared your business for this economic “new normal”, you will be left behind. Here are some compelling reasons why it is time for you to upgrade your website right now!

More people are on smartphones

Statista reports that in 2017, there were over 18.6 million smartphone users in Australia. It also predicts that this number will climb to 21.5 million by 2025. This means a big portion of the market will be mobile. The pandemic may already be accelerating the numbers so it’s crucial to have your website ready to adapt to various mobile devices. Digital marketing and IT specialists call this “responsive web design”. This is when a website and the content it houses can adjust seamlessly to the screen size of a mobile device being used. Without this adaptive function, you won’t be able to tap into the mobile market effectively. The good news, however, is that a lot of really good agencies that do web design in Sydney can help you with this.

Competition is getting tough

The virtual economy is flourishing and it’s both boon and bane. The upside is that hopeful entrepreneurs can jumpstart a business online with little capital versus brick-and-mortar setups. The downside is the steep competition amongst sellers. First impressions are very important so you must up your game when it comes to your website. It’s not just about getting foot traffic anymore but more of getting higher conversions. A web design agency can help you with this to make your brand more competitive. They’ll drill down to your website’s framework, UI/UX, SEO, responsiveness, and quality of content.

Newer is always better

There’s a rule in website design that you should update or upgrade your website every 2-3 years. Businesses need to catch up to the fast-paced development of technology. A lot of website features or plug-ins phase out quickly and new codes and features are churned out almost daily. And with online users having this ‘news feed mentality’, fresh content becomes more valuable, appealing, and engaging. These are demands that you need to keep up with so it’s wise to get a web design team in Sydney so you’re always a step or two ahead.

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