Digital Marketing Trends Predicted to Stick Around in 2017

Trends come and go and in the world of digital marketing, there are those that are predicted to stick around in 2017. Here are four of them.


  1. Ad blocking


There was a time when digital marketers are knocked down by ad blockers. Ad blocker is a software designed to prevent advertisements from appearing on a web page and aimed at allowing users to surf without the annoying distractions from pop ups and ad banners.  New digital consumers are commonly using ad blockers as they take control on what and what’s not to see on their pages. Publishers in response had devised techniques in combating ad blocking. Most used is white listing websites and some even forcing consumers to pay for or denied of the content. Digital marketers has hurdled the issue by shifting to mobile platform and limiting ad for desktops. Ad blocking is still posing threats however publishers are now catching up steadily and it has stabilized ad blocking. The recent stats showing consumers who already had installed one in their devices are less likely to install another ad blocking is giving publishers fresh hope for their marketing campaigns. While it is sticking around, it will be less an issue in 2017.


  1. Quality over quantity in digital video audiences


Video is still on the rise as it is predicted that it will make up most of the consumer internet traffic and the stat is as high as 82%. The video trend started in 2015 and its popularity has jumped up to 70% of consumers’ internet traffic. Many successful start-ups made use of video ad and it is pointed that the success is from the quality videos seen by consumers. Marketers used to measure numbers of views as point of success and regarded it as more important than conversion. The more quality the ad video is, the more views it gets and that’s more important to digital marketers. With more and more video channels, it looks like brands need to employ better measuring techniques and it looks like this 2017, marketers are still confident  with 10% stats in regards to ROI from video ad sales.


  1. Chatbot as useful and relevant marketing channel


Chatbot provides excitement to consumers however there is the need for brands to provide relevant and useful information in order to continue using chatbot successfully. Consumers are starting to get weary over chatbox and in order to make them welcome about it, there must be real value in chatbot. Facebook initiated its use in its “Messenger” service, and businesses gladly grabbed the opportunity in delivering the automated customer support. Tech giants are excited over helping developers build chatbots as more businesses want it seriously. Digital marketing has seen its wealth potentials and in 2017, it is predicted to stick around, as there will more open-source in building chatbots.


  1. Marketing and technology merging in


Marketing technology is a new player in digital world, which combines marketing and technology as one industry. Advertising and content providers are both on the lookout for robust and brilliant technologies that would help bring in the highest ROI. Marketing technology or martech is providing marketing solutions through technology, and in 2017, it is likely to see independent martech companies on the rise as everybody knows that digital marketing by nature is technologically-based and businesses are always on the lookout for tools in harnessing digital marketing issues.


As trends come and go, digital marketers have them covered, and the ongoing still being explored in depths, and as some may go off, there are some that will stick around and it looks like these four trends are staying for some time this 2017.


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