Secrets You Wedding Videographer Wants You to Know

Wedding jitters can make the would-be couples nervous about the preparations. Most brides and grooms want everything to be perfect up to the last detail. However, by wanting to do so, they often forget that some of the people they are working with are professionals such as those that offer wedding films services. While the videographers won’t tell you upfront, here are some of the things that they wished the groom and bride knew before they got hired for the job:

  1. A videographer is not a candidate for best buddy

Many sources online may have told you to get a videographer whom you can be comfortable with, which in a way makes sense. It would indeed be very uncomfortable to shoot wedding films if the videographer was very rude to begin with. However, some couples think that they need someone whom they can treat like a best friend when deciding to hire a videographer. While this may make you feel comfortable, it’s not always the case. Most brides and grooms do not even remember the personality of the videographer that they hired. Instead of going for a great personality, go for someone who’s pleasant enough to work with and has the style to suit your taste.

  1. The “getting ready” moments are worth it

Some couples think that the main attractions are only the ones that deserve some time on their wedding video. Well, not exactly. While you are getting prepped up for the event, the videographer will be able to catch some memorable experiences while you are with the other important people in your life. One example of this could be while your mom is zipping up your dress. Another could be your dad being tearful while seeing you for the first time in your wedding dress.

  1. Lighting is very crucial for wedding films.

While you may have this idea of getting a very dreamy shot behind a sunset, remember that timing is everything. The videographer will need to have proper lighting in order to get a perfect shot. There is no such thing as unplanned when it comes to great wedding films – the great ones often come with preparations and it’s something that you need to discuss with your videographer.

  1. You are the main actors so you’ll need to act the part.

Even the most skilled videographer won’t be able to do anything if you don’t do your part. If your spouse says, “I love you,” then you need to at least respond with excitement. The videographer will only be capturing the moments but the real emotions will have to come from you.

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