Indonesia’s New Bali

When hearing the name Indonesia, travelers are most likely to think about the beaches of Bali immediately. However, there are other notable tourist spots in Indonesia like the acclaimed Gili Trawangan. For those families looking for a relaxing and calm vacation experience, they should look no further than this archipelago.

Many people know Indonesia for its nice weather and awesome beaches. When one thinks of a place in Asia where he or she can relax, Bali, Indonesia often comes first to a person’s mind. But little do they know is that Indonesia has a lot to offer to tourists other than the accommodations and beaches in Bali.

Gili Trawangan is one of the places that Indonesia also boasts of. It is one of the three islands of Gili and like Bali, it also has beautiful sandy beaches that will make one’s jaw drop all the more. This paradise is known for its soft white sand and calm crystal clear water. On top of that, the coral reefs in this area can be seen just offshore, making it the best spot for snorkeling. This is also a great place to catch a sight of adorable sea turtles.

However, Gili Trawangan has lesser palm trees and one should have to take a long walk to explore the whole island. There is no other form of transportation available aside from renting a bicycle. That means one should be careful not to burn his or her back while enjoying the sun and the view. Even so, the sunburn is all worth it once you get to see the island paradise. And since there are neither cars nor motorcycles there so rest assured that riding a bike is safe for kids and inexperienced cyclists.

The warmth of the Gili air will also make you want to return to the island more. Aside from those, one should also look forward to the hotels and other accommodations offered in Gili Islands. Aside from the magnificent view of the beaches in Indonesia, the country also boasts of the hotels and accommodation in Gili Islands. Aside from very hospitable staff, the hotels and other accommodations in the said paradise island can offer guests a nice place to stay, perfect for you and your family. Kids and adults can both enjoy the Gili hotels and accommodation offered to them as most of them do not only have nice interiors but they also have other amenities perfect for any age.

So for families who wants a nice tropical island to stay in and relax away from the bustling city, this place is one of the best places to go to. It is safe for all ages thus, one can bring his family along with him or her.

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