Telephone System Bring Small and Medium Sized Businesses to a Higher Level

The telephone is a staple of any business. However, before the cloud, great phone systems were only exclusive to big companies. Now, a small business telephone service can be just like the big players’. And no one even has to spend a lot. This evens out the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses to compete with their big counterparts.

The most common mistake small and medium-sized businesses make is putting all their time knowing how to make a mark. They often overlook effective and revenue-generating technology. This hinders them from growing their business.

However, for many, this is an honest mistake. When a business is pressed for time making products that live up to customer expectations, coupled with round-the-clock accessibility demands of manufacturers and service providers, even if a business has resources to keep up-to-date, not many business owners can maintain and update using the best technology.

It’s during times like these that you need to bring in the expert providers of an advanced small business telephone service.

Advantages of a Cloud-Based Telephone Service

Serving small to medium-sized businesses well, big businesses are hesitant to avail of the better cloud-based telephone system because they often already have on-premises phone systems. They, therefore miss out on:

* A more professional image. A small business telephone service using the cloud gives more legitimacy that seems to come naturally for big corporations.

* Cost efficiency. A system that automatically answers and routes call to the proper extension without having an actual person to do it eliminates additional manpower.

* Easy IT maintenance. Likewise, with the right technology provider of a business telephone system, small business it supports is worry-free. Monitoring and management of routers, servers and firewalls wouldn’t be the concern of the business owner anymore. They can now focus on growing their business with the help of a capable business IT support team.

* Sustainability for the business. Sustainability of a business after a cyber-attack is very difficult. Sixty percent of small companies don’t recover even after half a year and after spending an average clean-up amount of $690,000. This could be prevented if a team is in charge of monitoring a business’ IT.

* Accessibility of business data. The cloud is the internet. The moment you used a web-based email, you used the cloud. Using the internet as a storage of data is never more important than in a business. Well-maintained and efficient cloud storage for businesses involves a reliable third-party provider. Even a business telephone service that’s cloud-based can have data stored and accessible by business owners from their smartphones, computers and tablets.

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