Top Wedding Video Tips to Make It A Hit

Nowadays, a wedding isn’t complete without a video. Wedding videos beat wedding photos since they manage to bring the big moments to life in an incomparable way. However, not all wedding videos are made equal.

It is quite easy for wedding videos to look bad. If you make a mistake in trusting the wrong videographer or planning wrongly, you might have a dud on your hands. To avoid that fate, here are some tips to ensure that your memories will be kept alive in the best way possible.

Find a videographer that matches your style

Different wedding videos have different styles. Some of them are dramatic, others are more documentary-like. This all depends on the team shooting the video on the wedding day and doing the editing afterwards.

This is why it is important that you pick a video team that closely matches your personal preference. Don’t settle for just the best wedding videographer out there – find the best wedding videographer for you. This video needs to reflect your personal style or it won’t be just as special.

Choosing film or digital

Style also comes into play when it is time to select the medium by which the wedding video is shot. Top wedding videographers often offer their clients the choice of whether to use film or digital. That’s an important choice since it affects how the final product will look.

Film-based videos are usually for those who want a true retro feel to their wedding videos. Though video cameras can shoot at 24 frames like a normal film camera, only 8mm or 16mm film can produce that original grainy look. Digital films are a lot more clearer though, so you may prefer that.

See what’s out there

When you’re in the planning stage of your wedding video, you’ll want to see what’s out there. A lot of wedding video services like DNM Wedding Films offer samples of their work online. You’ll want what others have done in their own wedding videos.

Though it’s a bad form to do a wholesale copy of a wedding format, these videos can give you a hint on what you can do in your video. It can also provide ideas on what sort of shots you’d want in your own video.

Don’t micromanage

Finally, you’ll need to understand the fine line between giving instructions and micromanagement. Wedding videos are a work of art. Just like you don’t jostle a painter’s arm when they’re making their masterpiece, you don’t want to be over the shoulder of your videographer all the time.

Just make your instruction clear and talk with them as much as possible. Choose a videographer that you can trust so that you aren’t always worried about the results.

When it comes to wedding films or videos, it is always crucial not to settle with an amateur in order to have excellent result. Go for

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