How Videos are Changing the Way We Do Marketing

Production companies are usually seen as creators of entertainment content.  But they are also helping businesses in so many ways especially during this pandemic. In fact, corporate video production in Australia is on the rise as more and more people consume video content via their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Hubspot’s latest findings indicate that “85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool” and “92% of marketers using video say that it is an important part of their marketing strategy.” Internet networking giant, Cisco, projects in a white paper they released to the public that “online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic”.

In Australia alone, Google’s global video platform, YouTube, has already garnered 15 million monthly unique visitors (which is 59% of the country’s total population) in 2019. These statistics alone are enough to push more businesses into hiring a production company in Australia to help them create visually engaging content, specifically in three critical marketing aspects:

Establishing a stronger online presence

It is tough competition online for businesses nowadays. There are some popular products online that dominate a huge market segment, while a lot of lesser-known products fail to capture a wider online market. Corporate video production is a viable solution for those seeking to disrupt the status quo and help you carve your own niche segment. The power of a visual teaser or a viral video can help you gain a captive audience.

Increasing customer conversions

Customer conversion rate is the number of visitors who eventually become actual customers.

This is an important step for any marketer because your end-goal is to grow your customer or client base. Companies doing corporate video production in Australia know that while making your brand known is important, it’s the purchase that makes all the difference. Unboxing videos and product reviews can be very effective tools in turning visitors into customers.

Enhancing product experience

With millions of Australians stuck in their homes, on-ground events, expositions, and conventions are out of the marketing list for a while as along as COVID-19 remains a threat. This becomes a problem for those who wish to do product launches. Tech companies like Apple and Samsung, who release new gadgets every year, have resorted to interactive videos to introduce their products. Firms that do corporate video production in Australia can take on this challenge well since the video is the next best thing to the actual product.

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